Our Contributors

The Russian Riviera maintains a network of collaborators to assure editorial and visual quality of the magazine. We go after the best. Here are some people we've been collaborating with.

Lev Timofeev

Renown Russian political analyst, journalist, novelist, playwright, former President of the Moscow Helsinki Group.

Georgy Pinkhasov

Photographer, author of many photo books, one of the leading photographers with Magnum Photos agency. 

Lera Tikhonova

Award-winning journalist and short-story writer who shares her time between Moscow and India. Columnist of The Russian Riviera.

Ellen Latil

Paris-based photographer and journalist, specializing in design.

Zakhar Prilepin

One of Russia's best-known authors.

Olga Medvedkova

Russian-born Paris-based art historian and novelist, leading expert on Russian modern art in France.

Alexander Dorsky

CEO of the largest Russian alcohol importing company and a renown wine critic.

Ira de Puiff

Journalist, novelist, fashion editor of The Russian Riviera.

Juja D.

Author and film-maker based in London.

Oxana Virko

Journalist and editor of The Russian Riviera, sharing her time between France, Moscow and London.

Anastasia Terenkova

Paris-based classical pianist who writes on music and film. 

Urs Bigler

Award-winning Swiss photographer.

Anastasia Shevchenko

Monaco-based author and journalist.

Fiodor Sumkin

Paris-based graphic illustrator and founder of the Librarium project, dedicated to the Russian emigré press. 

Bogdan Mamonov

Moscow-based artist, art-critic and curator. In 2009 Bogdan represented Russia at Venice Biennale.

Veronika Georgieva

New York-based artist and art critic.

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