Interviews were a very important part of the editorial policy. The Russian Riviera offered interviews with established and sought-after as well as up-coming Russian and international opinion-makers and trend-setters.. 

Beth Morrow

Art historian, director of the Erarta Gallery in London

Eric Bulatov

One of the best-known and most expensive contemporary Russian artists

Evgenij Galperin

Russian-born, Paris-based, Holywood-employed music composer

Artem Troitsky

Russian veteran journalist and opposition figure

Uliana Sergeenko

Fashion Designer

Zurab Tsereteli

President of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts

Sophie Fontanel

Author, journalist

Vladimir Kramnik

World Chess Champion

Bill Browder

Co-founder of the Hermitage capital and instiagtor of the Magnitsky Law 

Christophe Bagot

Psychiatrist, author of "The Empire of Stress"

Irina Hakamada

Russian politician and author

Boris Grebenschikov

Veteran Russian rock musician, founder of "Aquarium" band

Sergey Minaev

Best-selling Russian author and TV personality

Evgenij Nikitin

Opera singer with St.Petersbourg's Mariinsky Theater

Franck Sorbier

French fashion designer

Viktor Suvorov

Russian intelligence officer who defected to the West to become one of Russia's most controversial historians

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